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Salisbury’s established medical surgery

When you book an appointment at Salisbury Medical Centre, we’ll always provide you with the first available appointment with the doctor of your choice. In the case of an emergency, however, the first available doctor will see you.

All of our appointments are arranged via an appointment system, so you’ll always know exactly when you’re booked in to see your doctor. Patients should be aware, however, that these times may change if emergencies occur, and the doctors are diverted. Patients presenting with complicated problems may also cause appointments to run over the standard 15-minute slot, which is designed to address one issue only.

We apologise for any unavoidable delays you might experience, and to minimise these, we recommend that you ask for a longer appointment if you have complicated or multiple problems.


At Salisbury Medical Centre, we bulk-bill pensioners, veterans, health care card holders and children under 16. The common fees for other consultations are as follows

Monday to Friday

Standard consultation: $65
Long consultation: $105

Out of hours between 7:30am – 8am

Standard consultation: $80
Long consultation: $115

*Medicare rebate applies to all fees.


Standard consultation: $70
Pension/concession Children under 16years old: $55

It is the policy of this practice that payment is made at the time of the consultation.

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If you need emergency treatment, please contact our receptionist immediately and one of our doctors or nurses will attend to you and carry out an assessment. If they agree that you require urgent hospital assessment, then you may be asked to ring 000.

After-hours care and home visits

We perform home visits in emergency situations or if no other option is available following a consultation with the nurse or your usual GP at Salisbury Medical Centre. If you require a home visit, just call the practice and ask to speak with the registered nurse on duty.

We also provide an after-hour service (Family Care Medical Services), if current patients require medical attention when the practice is closed. Any calls out-of-hours will automatically be redirected to this service. Alternatively, you can contact the team directly on
07 3831 9999.


If you need a prescription, then you must make an appointment at the practice, as we need to review your health and ensure you receive the right prescription. In certain cases, your GP may agree to a phone request for a script although we may charge a $5.00 fee for this service and may require up to 24 hours’ notice.

Specialist referrals

We can only refer you to a specialist if you first make an appointment with one of our doctors so that we can assess you. Referrals are legal documents, so we must be sure you require additional intervention before making one, and they cannot be back-dated.

The Health Department expects us to assess your problem and refer you on to the appropriate specialist to minimise time delays in diagnosis and treatment. The specialist, meanwhile, expects us to provide them with a summary of your past health and to have done all appropriate tests before seeing them. A referral is, therefore, an important document.


Medical certificates also require an appointment with your doctor. We’re legally bound to have assessed you at the time of illness before providing such a certificate


If you’ve had medical tests carried out to determine the existence of a condition, then you have to visit the practice to receive your results. The Privacy Act prevents us from giving these out over the phone. If tests are totally normal and are part of a routine check-up, the results may be discussed with our registered nurse between 11:00am and 3:00pm only, as our nurses are busy at other times.

If your tests are to investigate a symptom or are part of a review of management plans e.g. diabetes or hypertension, a consultation will be arranged. This will allow us to discuss your results and how they will affect any future management. We try to minimise waiting times for return consultations. Depending on the complexity and length of this consultation, you may be bulk-billed, or a fee may apply.


We provide travel vaccinations as well as child vaccinations, and we advise parents to bring their child's immunisation/baby book along for these. Vaccinations for overseas travel should be discussed with your doctor during a consultation as soon as possible after booking your holiday.

Recall and reminder system

We offer a recall system to our patients for pap smears, immunisations, health assessments, etc. If you would like your name added to our recall list, speak to your doctor or the registered nurse.

Call us today on  07 3277 1621  to book an appointment at our medical surgery in Salisbury.

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