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Yellow Fever Vaccinations & Other Medical Services in Brisbane

Whether you visit Salisbury Medical Centre for pre-employment medicals or for more routine healthcare services, we can provide whatever you need at our practice. From neonatal and childhood check-ups and vaccinations to travel vaccinations, cancer screening (including skin checks) and mental health checks, we can do all this and more.

Our experienced doctors and nurses can further assist with chronic disease management, including diabetic and asthma clinics, as well as diabetes risk assessments. We can also perform four-year-old health checks and assessments, along with men’s and women’s health checks. Our women’s health checks also include arranging a mammography and pap smears with the GP of your choice or through our well woman clinic run by midwife, Bron.

Vaccination programs

Now a Yellow Fever registered clinic, Salisbury Medical Centre can administer both overseas and local vaccinations for your convenience. Our practice nurse can visit your workplace to do this as required or your staff can visit our clinic by appointment.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programs should be performed in March/April, as the vaccines take up to two weeks to become effective. Unfortunately, the virus changes each year, thus, vaccinations are required at 12 monthly intervals. Meanwhile, before travelling overseas, it’s important to check as soon as possible if you need a travel vaccination, and if so, we can administer this for you.

For further information regarding your future company medical needs, please email your enquiry to our senior practice nurse, Louise Lee: , or call our practice to speak to our practice/office manager or the registered nurse on duty.

A chair for patients receiving yellow fever vaccinations in Brisbane

Chronic disease management GP management plans

At Salisbury Medical Centre, we have a Chronic Disease Management Team, which assists those patients who suffer from a long-term medical condition, helping them manage this into the future. Chronic diseases can include kidney disease, diabetes or heart disease, and is a condition that has been present for at least six months.

If you have a chronic condition, we’ll create a personalised GP management plan to address your individual needs. To do this, you’ll first visit one of our chronic disease nurses, who will draw up a provisional plan. You’ll then visit the doctor, who will decide on the final plan and discuss this with you. This plan entitles you to five free visits per year to an Allied Health Provider.

We provide the following immunisation services

  • Seasonal flu vaccines
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Childhood vaccinations

What’s an Allied Health Provider?

An Allied Health Provider is a health professional who can help you manage your condition, such as podiatrists, dieticians, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists. Salisbury Medical Centre can provide access to all of the above on-site, which makes everything much more convenient for our patients.

Diabetes cycle of care

If you have diabetes, it’s important to have regular check-ups, as your treatment may change from year to year. Our diabetes cycle of care entitles you to two half-hour assessments with the nurse and also a doctor’s appointment. This will help us identify any changes required to your care plan, which we can then implement to manage your condition more effectively. 

Health checks and assessments

At Salisbury Medical Centre, we offer a variety of health checks and assessments for our patients, young and old, which will help to monitor your health and identify any issues as they arise. Early diagnosis is the key to better health, so it’s important to ensure you always get checked out.

Kids’ health check: This play-based assessment is provided for children after they’ve received their four-year-old vaccinations and will check that your child is progressing as they should be. If any issues are identified, we can then address these.

45 to 49 health check: This comprehensive health check will ensure that any emerging health problems are identified early on, so they can be treated accordingly.

75 years health assessment: As our patients age, it’s important to have regular health checks and this assessment will identify any issues, as well as assisting people in their daily life. Education is also a big part of this, and our nurses can provide advice on fall prevention and other things that will help to improve health and lifestyle.

ATSI: This assessment is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of all ages. It aims to make sure that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders receive healthcare that meets their needs. It allows for access to cheaper or free medication and access to a lot of health services to help improve the health and wellbeing of those patients involved.

See Closing the Gap for more information:

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